My Mission

When beginning this project, I initially wanted to upcycle furniture for our short term rental. I didn’t want to purchase new furniture because the cost to transform this house was already growing exponentially. In order to cut cost, I searched FaceBook Marketplace, Salvation Army, and Goodwill. While completing my first couple of pieces it dawned on me that I could potentially sell these pieces of furniture at an affordable price.

When choosing pieces that I want to transform, I base it upon how much time and effort it’ll take to make the pieces like new. I open up the drawers and make sure they are able to easily open and close. I check the outside and make sure there isn’t too much damage to the furniture. Once I feel that a piece will not consume too much of my time, I will clean, strip and sand the furniture. If the already existing hardware is in good shape, I will clean it and reuse it. If the hardware and legs need to be replaced, I will replace it accordingly.