Upcoming Flips

My next project will be a Hutch, I am extremely excited to do this flip, I have been waiting to start this project and I will finally be able to. I think I would like to have a more neutral approach to this piece, I have completed a few pieces with bold colors and this piece I would like to try a cream colored tone. I would like to add some bold accent hardware and even a beautiful bold backing to the hutch. I can’t wait to finish this piece and I hope you stay tuned to see the completed piece.

Flipped Furniture made Fancy

This is your one stop shop for beautiful affordable furniture. We here at That Flipping Girl have all your needs for elegant furniture. Our furniture is upcycled which makes it eco-friendly, and also friendly for your bank account.


This dresser is adorned with high quality paint and floral decals to give it the perfect finishing touch




Five Drawer Dresser

5 Dresser Drawer
W 43½” H 35¾” D19″

This beautiful deep green 5 drawer dresser has column accents on the sides and refinished gold hardware


Five Drawer Dresser

This Victorian style dresser is painted a blueish grey with gold accents throughout the piece and finished with a matte clear coat.


Four Drawer Dresser

Four Drawer Dresser
W 40″ H 34¾” D 19″

This powder blue dresser has updated gold legs and knobs. The sides of the top drawers have beautiful elegant floral decals on the sides and finished with a satin coat.